Eldorado Offers a variety of Adhesive solutions to the Wood Working Industry. The demand of bonding laminates to substrates is a constantly changing – yet always challenging – task. Developments in materials, more complicated designs and the pressures of production schedules combine to place a high value on an adhesive system that can perform under pressure.




Helmitin Citrus Cleaner
Flammable | spray application
Streak-free, citrus extract based cleaner.  Used to remove residual adhesive, grease marks, pen, etc. from finished parts and equipment.  Leaves no oily residue.
Available in 17oz. canisters | clear.

Helmistik 1616
Flammable adhesive | flammable propellant | spray application
A VHAP-free, flammable, high solids synthetic rubber contact adhesive.  Designed to bond EPS/Styrofoam and painted mirror back without etching the surfaces.  Also, for general purpose applications.  Long open time and high tack (not for HPL).
Available in 17oz., 30lb canisters | amber.

Helmistik 1685
Non-flammable adhesive | flammable propellant | spray application
A high heat resistance, high solids contact adhesive.  2-3-minute dry time with 1-hour open time.  Aggressive initial tack and bond.  Permanently bonds HPL, decorative metal overlays, etc. to many core substrates (flat work only).
Available in 17oz., 38lb, 177lb, 355lb canisters | amber & green.

Helmistik 1695
Non-flammable adhesive | non-flammable propellant | spray application
A “Green Diamond” version of Helmistik 1685 canisters.  LEED & OTC compliant, low VOC, no added urea-formaldehyde formulation.  Excellent spray pattern control.  Extended mileage.
Available in 38lb, 165lb, 330lb canisters | amber & green.

Helmiprene 4510
Non-flammable solvent | spray application
A versatile, non-flammable polychloroprene contact adhesive with excellent green strength and high heat resistance.  Excellent spray.  Very fast drying.  Auto/RV/marine/aircraft trim as well.
Available in 18.90L, 258KG metal drums | light brown & red.

Helmiprene 4535
Flammable solvent | brush/roll application
A high viscosity polychloroprene contact adhesive.  Fast drying.  Aggressive initial tack.  1-hour open time.  High viscosity reduces sagging and soak-in on porous substrates, particleboard edges, etc.
Available in 3.78L, 18.90L metal pails | light brown.

Helmiprene 4545
Flammable solvent | spray application
A low viscosity, high performance, general purpose polychloroprene contact adhesive.  Excellent spray patterns.  Fast drying.  Aggressive, high heat resistant bonds.  Excellent for post-forming.
Available in 18.90L, 161KG metal drums | light brown & red.

Helmibond 775
Waterborne | spray/brush/roll application
A high solids, solvent free, high performance water-borne polychloroprene contact adhesive for both flat work and post-forming in manual and automatic applications.  Aggressive initial tack with long open time.
Available in 3.78L, 18.90L plastic drums | beige.

Helmibond 805
Non-flammable | extrude/roll application
A premium, pre-catalyzed, Type II PVA, hot/cold press adhesive.  Ideal for binding HPL, spliced veneer and decorative overlays to particleboard and plywood substrates.  General assembly.
Available in 18.90L, 225KG plastic drums | white.

Helmibond 847
Non-flammable | extrude/roll application
A premium, fast setting PVA wood glue that is ideal for jointing, edge gluing, dowelling and assembly of all wood products.  High solids reduce processing times, eliminates sunken glue lines.
Available in 3.78L, 18.90L, 218KG plastic drums | white.

Helmibond 856
Non-flammable | extrude/roll application
A very fast setting, yellow wood glue used to bond soft woods, hardwoods, particleboard, etc.  Short clamp time make it ideal for 5-piece cabinet door assembly, dowel/biscuit assembly, case clamped cabinets.
Available in 3.78L, 18.90L plastic drums | yellow.

Helmibond 890
Non-flammable | spray/roll application
A post-formable vinyl acetate copolymer for HPL applications.  Post-formable.  Can be processed by hot/cold press, pinch rolling and stacking, hot laminating, and bonding.
Available in 18.90L, 218KG plastic drums | white.