Eldorado Offers a variety of Adhesive solutions to the Wood Working Industry. The demand of bonding laminates to substrates is a constantly changing – yet always challenging – task. Developments in materials, more complicated designs and the pressures of production schedules combine to place a high value on an adhesive system that can perform under pressure.


Helmiprene 1616

Helmiprene 1616 is a flammable adhesive that is a HAPs Free high solids synthetic rubber adhesive designed for EPS and general purpose applications with a long open time and high tack. Applications would include but not be limited to polystyrene substrates, foam to foam, fabric to foam, foam to wood, etc. Product available in 15 oz aerosol cans as well as 30 lb and 300 lb canisters. Available in Clear only.

Helmiprene 1685

Helmiprene 1685 is a non-flammable high heat resistant and high solids contact adhesive with excellent dry time, initial tack and bond strength for use in bonding HPL and a variety of substrates. Product is available in 17 oz aerosol cans, 38 lb, 177 lb and 355 lb canisters. Available in Green as 1685GR.

Helmitin Citrus Cleaner

Helmitin Citrus Cleaner is a cleaner used for cleaning, degreasing and adhesive removal. Product available in 14 oz aerosol cans and 11 lb canisters.

Helmibond 805

Helmibond 805 is a premium internally catalyzed Type II PVA cold press adhesive for bonding a variety of decorative materials to particleboard and plywood substrates and general assembly.

Helmibond 847

Helmibond 847 is a premium fast setting PVA wood glue that is ideal for jointing, edge gluing, dowelling and assembly of all types of wood products.

Helmibond 856

Helmibond 856 is a fast setting yellow wood glue used to bond soft woods, hardwoods, particleboard, etc. Applications include jointing, edge gluing, tongue and groove, panel to frame, etc.

Helmibond 890

Helmibond 890 is a post-formable vinyl acetate adhesive designed for immediate bonding of HPL to particleboard, plywood, MDF and wood. Product can be roll coated or sprayed and processed by hot bonding, hot laminating, hot pressing, dead stacking and pinch rolling and stacking. Can be used in conjunction with Helmibond 898 on the profiles for post-forming applications. Available in Green as 890GR.