Frequently Asked Questions

Eldorado has years of experience in the wood industry and thousands of products to offer solutions to everyday woodworking issues. We may be able to help with your issues. Please feel free to contact us with questions at and we will do our best to find a solution. (All personal info will be kept confidential.)

Why am I getting bubbles under my veneer when I use contact cement?
Bubbles are caused by off gassing of contact cement. This can happen either by not allowing proper dry time before adhering the product or a reaction of the finish soaking thru the veneer and causing additional off gassing.

Solution: If you must use contact cement with veneer then there are products that are readily available around the market to give you a barrier between the glue and the finish to prevent this reaction. We offer two product to help this problem: 1) veneer with a phenolic back (similar to laminate) and 2) Jacaranda veneer which is a 3 or 4 ply veneer with either a layer of foil or plastic to create a barrier for your glue.

Why does veneer crack when I am doing curved products?
Wood is a natural product that moves and “breaths” all of the time. Some applications cause the wood to be under a lot of strain (i.e. bending) and over time the expansion and contraction leads to cracking.

Solution: One product we can offer is Jacaranda veneer. This product is preflexed and reduced the normal expansion and contraction rate of 4-6% down to 0.5%. This product guarantees against checking (cracking) and can be wrapped around a tight radius.

I am having a hard time getting a good paint coat on MDF especially the edge. What can I do?
Painting MDF can be an issue because of the variety of types of wood used in the mixture. Hardwood has a longer fibre and tends to absorb more product leaving a bumpy or unfinshed look.

Solution: Upgrade your MDF to a premium grade. The premium grades will be 95%-100% softwood and will have a smaller more refined fibre and be more consistent from edge to edge of the board. Another option is to use a paintable edge banding on the edge if a square outside edge is the only problem. There are polyester and PVC paintable edges available in single roll quantities.

I am getting splits in Maple veneer and they are so small that they only are seen once I stain. What can I do?
Maple is one of the hardest wood to work with because there is so much tension in the fibers. Splitting or “checking” is caused by the reduction of moisture in the wood at a place in which the fibre can not stretch to compensate. I have found a nice article to help explain this issue and some ways to avoid the issue. (Click here for article) We have to remember wood is always moving and we must compensate for the mother nature factor.

**Solutions offered are only suggestions to try to solve a problem. Testing products will determine if a product is usable for a particular situation. Please consult the manufacturer for further information.